MarkPromo3Well, here we are again. Back to blogging, and a renewed spirit in sharing my thoughts and perspectives on things.  It’s been a while since I last wrote, yet I still seem to be gaining readership and followers.

Are you all crazy? Ha!

In any case, I’m going to be shifting gears a little bit with the blog.  In the true sense of Epicurus and his philosophies, I am going to start integrating other aspects of an Epicurean lifestyle – aside from food, wine, and the bourgeois approach to living in Chicago.  As well all know, going down the rabbit hole of foodiedom is hard to come up from in this city. With places like Avec, Big Star, Au Cheval, Longman & Eagle, etc. it’s easy to become a hog from Epicurus’s herd. Horace knew what he was talking about.

Something that is very dear to me, and something I haven’t ever touched on is fashion.  More specifically, men’s fashion and those who need help in that department.

I know, I know!  Another fashion blog! Right?




Let’s face it, us male bloggers (and we are few and far between) are the minority when it comes to fashion, food, and lifestyle category.  Heck, I’ve previously written about a man living in a woman’s (blogging) world, but I think I’ve come out unscathed on the side of success.  When it comes to men’s fashion though in Chicago, there aren’t that many to compete with.  Perhaps it’s because men are blogging about why the Cubs continue to lose, NASCAR, video games, or fantasy <insert sport here>.  I’ve always loved fashion, so why not throw my hat into that ring?


Leave this for when you are at home – with the curtains closed and the shades drawn.

As a Spaniard, fashion is very important.  Not so much because you are trying to make a statement, but because you take pride in how you look.  If you’ve ever been to Spain (and much of western Europe), you probably noticed most people looking FANTASTIC at any point of the day.  This is something that is passed on in the generations, and that is second-nature.  We are a proud culture in so many things, especially when it comes to fashion.  So it’s no mystery when I go out somewhere, even if it’s to the grocery store, that you won’t see me in sweat pants and a t-shirt.  It just won’t happen.  EVER. Yes, I know you want to be comfortable, but you can still be comfortable in a pair of cuffed well-worn jeans, Oxford-style shirt, and casual shoes.  Sneakers? Save them for your exercise day.

So I hope to incorporate more fashion features into my blog.  I want to help you guys with simple things to make you more put-together.  I want to help you ladies with ideas to fashion your man into the next GQ runway model.  Well, maybe that’s a bit of a reach.  Overall though, I want people to be inspired and to gain confidence with a few simple ideas and stretch of the imagination.  I also will introduce a few new weekly features that touches on fashion, wine, and food.  As well as posting some recipes that I’ve created.  If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve probably seen all the food I create on a whim.  It’s nice having a professional cooking background.

Food, wine, fashion, and style from the perspective of a man.  Yep, I am definitely in the minority.



Author’s note:  I want to personally thank Sarah Ann, Katharine of Paytington & Co. and Kit of TheKittchen for their extraordinary support, love, and friendship.  They are amazing ladies, each with a kindred spirit and heart.  If it wasn’t for the three of them, I would not be back at it with this blogging nonsense.