With the World Cup coming to an end on Sunday, I thought it would be great to capture three fashion-minded players of the tournament. Not only that, I am showing you some great alternatives you can get from East Dane for what each player is wearing, so you can have the look that these great players and fashion-forward men are showing off to the rest of the world. Even better, most of the clothing I selected is from the 50% off Mens section on the website! Everyone loves a great deal, right?

In addition, I’m having a contest for you to win one of FOUR $50 gift cards to East Dane!  All you have to do is comment below on what you think is the best interpretation of East Dane outfit for what the player is actually wearing in their respective photo. Tell me why you like that interpretation and also what you think of that player’s style.  That’s it! I’ll choose four of the best comments to win that $50 gift card. For you ladies, this is a great way to tell me what you think of the choices, and possibly win $50 for the man in your life to East Dane. The contest will run for 10 days and end on July 20th. Feel free to comment up to three different times for an increased chance to win!



Simply put, “Kun” Aguero is a stud. Not only on the field for Argentina, but off the field in street clothes. The guy is constantly changing it up between classic/conservative and modern/cutting edge, along with having a great set of hair. What is also great about him is that he doesn’t ever seem to go over-the-top with flash and glitz. Unlike some players with a wealth of his stature, Sergio Aguero remains true to his Argentinian roots and almost is understated with his choice of fashion and style. He is a gentlemen in appearance, and not afraid to keep it simple. A great player and a great fashion mind.

The outfit he is wearing in this photo is definitely more of a British “Mod” style of the 60’s. Slim-fit polo and chino pants, along with some great black sneakers with white laces from the Men’s Sneakers section is a great look. You can have this look by clicking on the photo, which will take you to the product page for each item on East Dane.







Keisuke Honda arrives at Japan


One look at Keisuke Honda, and you can’t help but saying “wow”. The man bleeds style and fashion, in a country where both are crucial in everyday life. His approach to fashion is one of a modern Italian man, but with the attention to detail that comes with his Japanese heritage. Prada, Helmut Lang, Jil Sander, Versace, Armani; the guy pulls it off so well. I love his approach to being modern and daring with his selection of pieces. He clearly has the confidence to wear what he wants, and yet he still maintains the class of a respectable gentleman. Anyone who can pull of wearing a blue Valentino camo blazer is ok in my book.

It’s hard to land a camouflage blazer at a decent price, but East Dane has a great alternative with this blue floral blazer in the 50% off Mens section. It’s just as daring as the blue camo blazer Honda is wearing in the photo. You can complete the look with some great slim-fitting dress pants and a crisp, light blue dress shirt. Finish the look with a solid blue tie and black lace-up shoes.

HondaJacket HondaPants HondaShirt




Xabi Alonso is the classic gentleman. I know I’ve been saying that a lot about the other players, but Xabi is THE classic gentleman. His style of dress is that of something you would find on a Ralph Lauren runway: rugged, yet sophisticated. He is the model and spokesperson for Emidio Tucci, one of the best fashion houses in Spain. His approach in style is that of a traditional Spanish man, and he pulls it off so well. His beard is iconic, as it is what makes him so recognizable around the world in soccer circles. Aside from that, he is an incredible player, playing for Real Madrid C.F and the Spanish National Team. Pure class.

Xabi’s look in the photo is timeless and classic: worn blue jeans, white crew neck shirt, navy blazer and a summer scarf to boot. You can find all of the items above in the 50% off Men’s section of East Dane. Complete the look with a great pair of loafers or some sneakers from the Mens Sneakers section of the website.


So again, make sure you comment below with what you think is the best East Dane representation of what each player is wearing. It’s your chance to win a $50 gift card towards your shopping experience!  Good luck!

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