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Back when I was in junior high and high school, a Swatch watch was the one item everyone had to have in their life. I personally had 4 of them, including the original Coca Cola Swatch watch that I hear is worth a lot of money these days. I think my parents still have it somewhere? Or did I sell it off back in high school to buy skateboarding equipment? Yes, I was a “skater”. In any case, having a Swatch watch was pretty awesome, and I was super excited to see the Limited Edition World Cup 2014 watch put out by Swatch this summer.

Of course, limited edition means that they sell out fast. I was lucky to get one this past week, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to have a Swatch watch again in my life!

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As you can tell by the photos, the watch is obviously in colors that honor the host nation of the World Cup – Brazil. The packaging the watch comes in is pretty amazing as well. The famous shout of “Gooaaalllll!!!!!!” when someone scores, as well as the net of the goal on the field is on the box itself. With the timepiece, there are lots of nods to the beautiful game, including the blue and yellow soccer ball on the face of the watch, as well as the field on the watch itself. Awesome.

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One of the coolest things about the watch is the watch strap bands that are available to add on to the watch. There are watch strap bands the have the national flag of each of the 32 nations in the World Cup tournament. In the box, the watch automatically comes with the Brazil strap band. You then have the option to add on any additional nation for $3 more per strap. I went with the Spain to represent my birthplace/home country and the USA to represent my adopted country. Pretty slick, huh?

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The construction of the watch is classic Swatch – hard, durable plastic for the time piece itself, along with silicone for the strap. The watch is Swiss made, and therefore is guaranteed of absolute precision when it comes to keeping time. The back of the watch is classic Swatch as well, being see-through and able to see all of the working pieces in the watch. A new innovation (for me, at least) is the addition of the ribbed backing on the watch band. Back when I used to wear Swatches all the time, it was a smooth backing and my watch was constantly moving on my wrist; especially when I was sweating.

Not with this one! The ribbed backing ensures that the watch stays in place, no matter the activity. For it being a limited edition watch, it retails for $75. Not bad for such a great watch. Add on an additional $3 for every watch band strap you want as an add-on to the existing Brazil strap band that comes with the watch. All in all, a really great deal for an awesome watch. If you are in Chicago, you can head down to the Swatch store on Michigan Ave and see if they have any left. If not, you might able to pick one up at Swatch website.

Let me know what you think of the watch!

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