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It’s time yet again for another version of the Renowned Women of Chicago. I have to thank everyone yet again for the great support and appreciation for the series, as well as “nominating” some great ladies to be featured on the series. Thanks again!

Today, I have another favorite lady on the blog, and she is one amazing person! Kit and I first met back in August of last year, at a blogging Happy Hour that she was leading at American Junkie. It was my first blogging meet-up, and Kit was so gracious and fun to talk with. We had so much fun together, that we ended up staying out til 1am or so, eating great food and drinking red Burgundy at Bavette’s along with Lauren Folkmann of Lion & Maven. This was a weeknight too!

Kit is a true friend, a fellow Red Sox fan, and my partner in CINQ Food Wine + Social Club.  Enjoy the interview with Kit!

Kit Graham 3


The Epicurean:  Thanks for joining me today, Kit!  Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Where are you from? What you do for a living?  

Kit: Hi! I’m Kit. I write The Kittchen, and I am a co-founder of the Windy City Blogger Collective. Mark and I are both founders of Cinq: A Chicago Food Wine + Social Club. I was born and raised in Kennebunk, Maine, lived in New York City for a couple of years, and then moved to Chicago in 2008. I am a data privacy specialist by day, and blogger by night. I also have some fun side projects, like developing recipes for Home Chef.

The Epicurean: Maine is an awesome state!  You also have a food blog, The Kittchen, that is pretty outstanding and popular. Can you tell us a bit about your blog? When and how it started? 

Kit: Thanks so much! The Kittchen was a birthday gift. My husband knew that I needed a creative outlet, so he worked with some of my friends to create, and name a food blog for me. I have been blogging since November 2011, and through blogging I have met some incredible people. The Kittchen is about recipes, restaurants, and travel. Generally I try to post 3 recipes, 1 restaurant review, and 1 travel post each week.

The Epicurean:  So you don’t specifically blog about fashion, yet you are quite fashionable! Have you ever thought about blogging about fashion?

Kit: It is so nice that you think that I am fashionable. I am not nearly fashionable enough to be a fashion blogger. I live my life in dresses or jeans – my outfits are usually pretty easy to pull together. All of my cool clothing was purchased by my friends and stylists at What RU Wearing



The Epicurean: How does fashion come in to play while at work, and what is your approach for what you wear to work?

Kit: Haha! My office is VERY casual. I don’t wear shorts to work (or ever really), which means that I am one of the most dressed up people at my tech office. My default work outfit is jeans and a black shirt. I wear jeans about 4 times a week – I have a dozen pairs. Right now I am loving my Parke and Henry & Belle jeans the most.

The Epicurean: How does being from Maine, influence your sense of style and fashion?

Kit: As I am sure everyone knows by now, I am obsessed with bracelets from The Ropes Maine. I love to add a hint of nautical style to my look since I was raised in a seaside town (which I miss terribly at times). The jeweler who makes the bracelets is from my hometown, and my favorite bracelet is called “The Kennebunkport”. Each bracelet has a charm in the shape of Maine. Wearing the bracelets is my way of showing a little hometown pride. Other than that, Maine fashion is somewhat preppy, but still easy-going. I don’t like things to be overly complicated.

The Epicurean:  Who are your favorite and “go-to” designers?

Kit: J.Crew and whatever is on sale at ASOS. Plus the great picks selected by WRUW. I also have a thing for Cole Haan shoes and handbags – my mom used to work for Cole Haan, and some of the Cole Haan items I have had of 10 years are still in great shape! If I am going to splurge, it needs to be on a classic item that will last.

The Epicurean:  Do you find that when it comes to blogging, you are a food blogger living in a world of fashion bloggers?

Kit: I do tend to hang out with the fashion bloggers a lot since they are always hosting events, but I am constantly in contact with my foodie friends. I do find that I need to up my fashion game so that I don’t feel out-of-place when I am at event with fashion bloggers.

The Epicurean: What is your approach to fashion when you aren’t at work? On the weekends?

Kit: I spend a good chunk of my weekends in the kitchen, where you can find me in gym shorts and a tee-shirt. When we go out I will wear a dress and sandals with a heel. I love dresses because you just throw them on and are ready to go. Then I just layer on jewelry and I am good to go!


The Ropes Maine and Doughnut Vault

The Epicurean:  Do you have any fashion bloggers that you look to for inspiration?

Maya: Christine of The View from 5ft2, Maya from Charmingly Styled, Lauren from Lakeshore Lady, Blair from The Fox and She, Cait from Pretty & Fun.

The Epicurean:  Finally, you have quite the fashionable husband in Charles! Do you help him out with his style and fashion selections? What advice do you have for the male readers who want to be more fashionable?

Maya: My husband has a tailor. All men should have a tailor. There is nothing worse than a bad suit. On weekends he lives in Jack Wills, Penguin, and J.Crew. I do help him shop, or shop for him sometimes, but he has great taste.


Kit Graham_6

Thanks so much Kit for participating in the series! It was a pleasure having you on the blog, and a true Renowned Woman of Chicago.  Make sure you read and follow Kit via The Kittchen and Windy City Blogger Collective. Until next week!

The Windy City Epicurean