I’m SUPER excited today to have Katharine Shindoll on the blog today for so many reasons! First off, she is the FIRST Renowned Woman of Chicago since I launched the redesign of my blog! Secondly, Katharine is probably my closest blogger friend, and just a pure friend in general. She is really a fantastic person and I love being around her good energy!

I first met Katharine back in August of last year when we had lunch with Kit Graham of The Kittchen and Andrew of Chicago Food Truck Finder in the city. We hit it off immediately and proceeded to head over to The Lounge at Sixteen at The Trump Hotel and drink a bottle of awesome grower Champagne.  All of this on a Monday afternoon as well! Needless to say, Katharine became a great friend in the past year and I can’t say enough good things about her. She is, along with Kit Graham and myself, a co-founder of CINQ Food Wine + Social Club – our awesome underground dining and supper club.

The EpicureanThanks so much for participating in this interview Katharine!  Can you tell us who you are? A bit about yourself and where you are from?

Katharine: Thanks for asking me! I write Paytington & Co., a luxuriously ordinary lifestyle blog based here in Chicago, and I grew up not too far from the city in Arlington Heights.

The Epicurean: It’s such a great blog! I love the nautical theme behind Paytington & Co.. Can you tell us a bit about your blog? How did you get into blogging about fashion?

Katharine:  I’m so glad you like it! The blog culminated after a long study session about a year ago and I haven’t stopped since. A few months into the blogging experiment, I started blogging about fashion when it was clear I needed motivation to wear something other than yoga pants.

The Epicurean:  Ha! I do hear that yoga pants are comfortable! Do you remember a time when you first got in to fashion? What was it that first influenced your current style and fashion sense?

Katharine:  I’ve always been very practical when it comes to fashion—my outfits need to be comfortable and classic. Beyond that, it’s all about finding a pair of heels that goes with everything. After dancing for most of my life I am either in yoga pants or extremely dressed up. There is rarely a middle ground.

The EpicureanDo you think growing up in the suburbs of Arlington Heights had any influence on your fashion choices?

KatharineNot necessarily, no. I think after college I really honed in on what I liked and didn’t like and started to build my closet around timeless classics with a preppy flare. It’s a work in progress!

The Epicurean: Awesome! Timeless classics are so amazing. What are some of the difficulties you meet when it comes to blogging about fashion?

KatharineFinding a flattering angle always takes time. I’m very critical about the photographs I put on my site and I’m rarely satisfied. Out of 200 pictures, I will choose 4 or 5.

The Epicurean: Wow. That is some serious scrutiny going on! Ha! Who are some of your go-to designers?

KatharineI love Ralph Lauren, L.K. Bennett and the Gap. Between those three I can always put together an outfit for any occasion.

The Epicurean:  Who’s more timeless and classic than Ralph Lauren? I can’t think of any American designer who is more classic! What are some of the difficulties you encounter when it comes to fashion in general?

KatharineI think finding clothes that fit perfectly is extremely difficult. I’m not necessarily proportional so finding a brand that fits well is always a great feeling; the less I spend on tailoring, the more I have to buy a new outfit.

The Epicurean: Believe me, it’s the same for me when it comes to not being proportional! As it is getting closer to fall, what are some of your plans for your blog with it being nautical-themed?

KatharineI think maintaining a classic look will be my goal. I can’t go boating, but I can mix and match my clothes to make them suitable for the different seasons.


The Epicurean:  Your boyfriend Dan, is a pretty awesome guy! How does he feel about you being so active in blogging and the blogging community? Especially that it is fashion-oriented?

KatharineDan is wonderful and so supportive of my blogging adventures. I’m not sure if he notices how fashion-oriented it’s become; to him, it’s just another kind of photo shoot!

The Epicurean: Ha! Sounds like he is enjoying the ride with you for sure! Finally, what advice do you have for men who want to expand their wardrobe and become more fashion-oriented?

Katharine: I think it’s so important for guys to be comfortable in what they are wearing. A pink shirt might be fashion-forward, but it will look silly if they aren’t comfortable in it. Men should find what they like, make sure it fits well and go for small accents like fun cuff links and/or dress socks.


Thank you so much Katharine for taking the time to talk with us about your blog and style! To learn more about Katharine and her great sense of style and fashion, head on over to Paytington & Co. and see what she has going on!

Next weeks Renowned Women of Chicago will be featuring an amazing newlywed blogger, who was kind enough to sit down with me and talk fashion before her wedding and honeymoon. Any ideas who it might be???

The Windy City Epicurean