This week’s Renowned Woman of Chicago is one classy woman. In fact, Blair is one of the classiest ladies I’ve ever known! Blair is such a friendly person, and an awesome person in general. She is the founder of her own personal blog – The Fox & She, as well as being the founder of her own design firm – Leap Marketing & Design, and co-founder of The Windy City Blogger Collective.  Not only that, Blair just got married! I think it’s safe that she is one busy gal! 

I first met Blair at the first CINQ Food Wine + Social event back in November of 2013. She continued to come to future CINQ events, and even opened up her home for us to host a dinner at her place. Amazing! She definitely is one of the most fashionable women in Chicago. Read on below to learn more about Blair!

The EpicureanThanks so much for being a part of this series Blair! Can you tell us a bit about yourself, where you are from, what you do for a living, and about your blog? 

Blair: I’m Blair, I was born and raised in Texas and moved to Chicago just over 2.5 years ago and have loved it since! The move was a bit of a scary one at first, but it’s been the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Since then, I launched my design business full-time and have married my best friend (also the reason I moved here). Chicago has really been a place of opportunity and growth for me both personally and professionally and I’m very thankful for that! My blog, The Fox & She, is a mix of fashion, personal style, interior design, recipes and the occasional restaurant review and bits of my life. It’s a fun creative outlet, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was really time-consuming!

The Epicurean: That’s so great that you still love Chicago! It seems like the move was a big launching pad for your current success with your business and blog. Do you remember a specific time when you became interested in fashion?

Blair:  Hmm, not really! I’ve always appreciated fashion — my family owns a men’s clothing store in Dallas — but my personal taste has evolved a lot. I’ve definitely made some questionable choices in the past. Tie-dye shirts and no bra.. yeah, not a good look, but I guess I thought I was a hippie or something. Glad that’s passed!

The Epicurean:  Yikes! Tie-dye shirts? I think I wore one of those once? Ha ha! How would you describe your fashion ‘style’?

Blair:  I’ve always been very practical when it comes to fashion—my outfits need to be comfortable and classic. Beyond that, it’s all about finding a pair of heels that goes with everything. After dancing for most of my life I am either in yoga pants or extremely dressed up. There is rarely a middle ground.

The EpicureanBeing that you are from Texas, how would you say being from there influences your style? If any?

BlairI wouldn’t say that being from Texas really influences my style too much. I don’t wear cowboy boots, have big hair or wear too much makeup — you know, the typical stereotypes of southern gals! I do say y’all though.

The Epicurean: Ha! Hilarious! I’m sure you’ll be saying “y’all” for the rest of your life! How did your blog come about, and why the interest in fashion blogging?

BlairI’ve actually had a blog since college, but it was a food blog then. As my own interests evolved, the blog did too. It’s been what is now for about a year. I’m more excited about it now and feel that I can really be my true self, which seems to be working well ;)

The Epicurean: Yep! My blog started as a food blog as well. It’s definitely evolved in the last year for sure. What do you find is most difficult about fashion blogging in general?

BlairFinding the time to shoot pictures! And finding someone who can take good pictures. And of course, growing my audience. It can be a slow process and I have to remind myself to be patient! It doesn’t happen overnight.

The Epicurean:  Tell me about it! I keep thinking I’ll wake up one day and be the worlds most popular male blogger! What are some of your favorite designers? Fashion houses?

BlairMara Hoffman — I love her bright and bold tribal patterns. It makes me feel like I’m going somewhere tropical and I love that.
Rag & Bone – pretty much all of their booties are on my list for fall. This will be the year I splurge.

The Epicurean: Rag & Bone! Yes! I have several shirts and pants from them! Incredible clothing! So you’re getting married soon too! Congratulations! How are you applying your love for fashion with regards to your wedding gown and what the wedding party is wearing?

BlairI actually got to re-design my mom’s wedding dress with the help of the talented Patti Flowers in Dallas. There were a few things I really wanted in a dress and I got them!

IMG_1801 copy IMG_3480 copy IMG_2974 copy

The Epicurean:  That is AMAZING! Did it take you a long time to decide on your wedding gown and what the women in your wedding party would be wearing?

BlairSurprisingly no. I tried on a few and decided on one the first day. Then I went home and tried on my mom’s and it fit too perfectly to not wear. We’ve since made some alterations to really change the look of the top part of the dress. I love the sentimental value of wearing it too. I chose a Jenny Yoo dress for my bridesmaids that actually allows everyone to tie it in a different way. I like the ability to add a bit of your own personality so they don’t all look totally identical! For the guys, basic black tux. Think James Bond. Timeless, elegant and I won’t look back at my pictures in 20 years and regret my decision.

The Epicurean: That all sounds so timeless and classic. Very elegant. Kudos! Finally, since my blog focuses on men’s fashion and helping men in Chicago to become more interested in fashion, what advice would you give to a man who is looking to improve his overall sense of fashion and style?

BlairWear what you feel comfortable and confident in and please, just make sure it fits properly! There’s nothing worse than coats, shirts and pants that are too big and baggy!

Thanks so much Blair for participating on the blog! I know you’re a busy gal, and I appreciate you taking the time during all the wedding preparations to sit down with me and talk!

To learn more about Blair, her amazing style, design opportunities with her, and her amazing artwork, visit The Fox & She!

The Windy City Epicurean